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BathExpo features a large selection of Freestanding, Standard Size, and Walk-In Bathtubs, available in a variety of configurations and materials. Be sure to consider BathExpo’s extensive assortment of high quality acrylic bathtubs. Acrylic tubs have come to be preferred to both cast iron and enameled steel styles. High quality acrylic is extraordinarily durable, making it very resistant to peeling, cracking, leakage and breakage. The warm and smooth surface of acrylic tubs prevents cold feelings while bathing, and is completely color safe (inhibiting color fading or the surface turning yellow.) The non-porous surface also ensures that the tub cannot be penetrated by dirt. Seamlessness makes the acrylic bathtub easy to clean (just ordinary soap and water will make it sparkle) and resistant to mildew, fungus, and grime.

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