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BathExpo’s large selection of shower bases has everyone’s needs and tastes covered. Consider one of our high quality acrylic shower bases which are at the industry forefront for durability, resisting dents, cracks, breaks, and leaks. Seamlessness makes the acrylic shower base resistant to mildew, fungus, and grime, while its non-porous surface ensures the base cannot be penetrated by dirt, creating a completely color safe surface which will not fade nor turn yellow. They are easy to clean: ordinary soap and water is all that is needed to make them sparkle. Our standard sizes for shower bases include 32”x32”, 33”x33”, 36”x36”, 38”x38”, 40”x40”, 42”x42”, 48”x32”, 48”x36”, 60”x30”, 60”x32”, 60”x36”, 60”x48”.

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Corner Round Arc

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