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Buying the Best Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles that will give your bathroom the look and feel you want. As with any home construction project, the first step is to take measurements. Estimate how much space you have to work with in terms of length, height, and width. The vanity should be slightly smaller than the area it will occupy, so if you want to place a cabinet in a 26” space, one measuring 24” would be ideal.

Should you decide to install a cabinet under the sink, the plumbing must be taken into account. The waste pipe should always be located in the centerline of the cabinet to allow unobstructed drainage and easy storage access. It should also be located above any drawers at the bottom of the cabinet; this should not cause an issue since most contemporary vanities with bottom drawers already come with a U shape cut-up to accommodate a waste pipe.

When choosing a wall vanity, whether it’s a medicine cabinet, a mirror or a lighting fixture, it is important to make sure it is not too large or too heavy. Check with your contractor to ensure your walls have enough backing to hold it in place. Also be sure to check all specs to see if the item will actually fit and work in your current space. No mater what your plans are for your bathroom, a little preparedness goes a long way towards making a trip to the showroom as productive and efficient as possible.

Buying the Best Shower Door

The shower is the cornerstone of any full bath, often determining the flow of the room and the position of the other fixtures. Any shower related installation can be tricky considering how tiles, shower bases with odd angles, and walls that aren’t perfectly vertical can alter measurements, so attention to detail is vital to the success of the project.

Shower doors are usually installed in the center of the ledge, or base, of the stall. Because the walls are rarely perfectly vertically plumb, be sure to check the width of the shower entry in at least two different places. The first measurement should be from the floor, and the second should be five feet from the floor.

If installing a corner shower door, the measurements for the center line will be affected by add-in layers such as drywall and tiles. For example, a base with an overall measurement of 36” x 36” before construction will decrease to about 34.5” x 34.5” from tile to outside measurement after installation and tiling. One final measurement should be taken before heading to the showroom to ensure you purchase a door that’s the correct size and shape. For a base with an odd shape or mosaic tile, you will need a custom glass enclosure. We can help. Call or visit us today for a consultation.